Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I love Costco!

This was a quick shot of my cart the other day at Costco. Organic fuji apples, mini cucumbers, asparagus, baby spinach, roma tomatos, organic bananas and mini bell peppers. Delish. I find that a huge success to us eating healthy and eating at home (two big challenges for us) is having a fridge stocked with fresh produce. Brett and I each eat an apple a day in our lunch and it is a better dessert then any Oreos or other processed cookies ever tasted. I love the mini cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes in our spinach salads. Last night I made Emerysn a "baby salad" with peppers, cucumbers and tomatos and a little poppy seed dressing which I think made her devour it. I told Brett that a little bit of a low calorie/low fat dressing is worth it to see her scarf up a big bowl of veggies.

I love asparagus too and will often make it as an after dinner snack, how random is that? We stay up kinda late, until midnight usually, and I get hungry around 9ish often. I sautee some asparagus with a little olive oil and garlic salt and am a happy camper. I have heard the whole "you shouldnt' eat after a certain time" but haven't really implemented that into my life style. Not sure if that is an old wive's tale or true.

Another yummy evening snack is popcorn!! We bought an air popper at Walmart the other day for $20. Air popped is SO much better then the microwave stuff in my opinion. I got this idea from Sherrie and I am obsessed. You just use some of the "I can't believe it's not butter" spray (which is ZERO calories but definitely processed, a downside) and a little kosher salt and delicious popcorn results. Brett and I ate a giant bowl of it last night and it was a little over 100 calories for each of us and lots of fiber. I would have never guessed that popcorn had fiber or protein!

Other things I love at Costco: AmyLu Chicken burgers (140 calories/burger), Jack Daniels shredded BQ chicken (140 calories/4oz.), sandwich thins, bagel thins, Killer Dave's bread, Kids Clif bars for Emersyn, feta cheese, real bacon bits....the list goes on and on. :)

Have you found anything at your Costco/Sam's Club/etc. that has aided in your quest for eating healthy? :)

P.S. I jumped onto the "formspring" bandwagon, why not? If you have a fun/serious question for me, you can ask anonymously. Kinda cool, right?


  1. Those apples look great. I know where Chloe and I are going after her nap is over. We buy a ton of the hummus, fruit bowls, Odwalla Superfood, brown eggs, and sometimes I can’t resist the muffins (naughty!).

  2. Mini Cucumbers? Oh my gosh i have never heard of such! Sounds delish! I'm going to sautee my asparagus! That sounds yum too. =)

    We don't have a costco? Is it the same as sam's? B/c we do have a sam's but i don't have a membership.

  3. I really love Costco! I always buy my Fiber One bars from there as well as tons of Romaine lettuce and the bagel thins!

  4. Recently I've heard that eating after 9 isn't such a bad thing. The concern for most people was just OVER eating after 9 because of the late-night snack cravings. But asparagus sounds like a great late-night healthy snack! :)

  5. love the contents of your shopping cart almost as much as I love popcorn! Great work!

  6. My shopping cart at Sam's (we don't have a Costco :( ) looks very similar! How old is your baby? My boy is 16 months. I love the idea of a baby salad!

    At Sam's, I love to get spinach, Greek yogurt, blueberreies, string cheese, turkey, tilapia, cottage cheese, hummus, carrots, pork chops, ...